Sara Sturm x Landon Sears – So Rich

Sara Sturm x Landon Sears – So Rich

Music always sticks with you when it has that magi to it. That supreme quality to the music that feels good to hear, as you hear the different elements in the music work in perfect harmony to make something that can last the times to the people. Those records are the type of music that you keep coming back to, so you can enjoy the good vibes of the music and Sara Strum and Landon Sears come together to do just that on the new song “So Rich”.

Sara Sturm and Landon Sears tap into a Y2K R&B vibe to make a record that fits the title perfect on the new song “So Rich”. The smooth elegant sound in the production does wonders to the soul, that sets the ultimate tone for the magic that comes to life. For this rich sound you get amazing vocals that are masterful in their tone, to bring that soul to the music that makes the words feel that much better to hear as you get swept up in it all.

Sara Sturm and Landon Sears “So Rich” is an incredible record that one listen will never be enough for. The more you hear it, the more you enjoy it with the sweet sound getting better with every second to make sure its a record that will surely stay in your rotation. If you love great music you can feel, you will love everything about this must hear tune.

Check out Sara Sturm and Landon Sears “So Rich” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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