Athena Skye – Onlyfans

Athena Skye – Onlyfans

The great thing about music is that it is always a reflection of the times. Being able to take what’s going on and put it into song to create relatable substance for us all to enjoy. Those songs have always lasted the times and shown the true power of music. Athena Skye is able to run wild in that spirit on her must hear release “Onlyfans”.

Athena Skye is able to make the perfect dating anthem for the times on the new song “Onlyfans”. The production sets the ultimate tone to make it enjoyable, with a superb smooth sound packed with vibes you can feel. For this great tone you are able to enjoy the amazing vocals filled with appeal, that are perfect to bring the lyrics to life that shine in their creativity, to make it a record one listen will never truly be enough for.

Athena Skye’s “Onlyfans” is a stand out record that you know the world will be hearing and enjoying alike. It’s a supreme display of music that purists can hear and enjoy the stand out talent, while still having a digestibility to it that casuals will be able to enjoy alike, on this record that doesn’t miss in any way.

Check out Athena Skye “Onlyfans” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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