Nuria Afonso featuring Figure Flows – Searching

Nuria Afonso featuring Figure Flows – Searching

If there is any genre of music that connects with the people on an emotional level its R&B music. A style of music that has long been tied to love, due to the soul and emotion put into the music that shines like no other. When you get a record that you can feel it lasts the times and this new record from Nuria Afonso featuring Figure Flows called “Searching” is one of those timeless records.

Nuria Afonso comes together with Figure Flows for the ultra smooth jam “Searching”. The smooth touch to the music resonates instantly, with the magic in the sound doing wonders to the soul to set the perfect tone for the vision that comes to life. With the tone set Nuria lets her vocals shine to the fullest with a warm tone that you feel the love in, as the writing comes to life for the listener to get lost. To add more life to the song Figure Flows brings a great rap verse to take this must hear song over the top for us all to enjoy.

Nuria Afonso featuring Figure Flows “Searching” is a brilliant display of music that delivers in the audio, as well as the visuals to give the listener all they could want from music and more. It shines in every aspect of the craft with every element working in perfect harmony together, but even more enjoyable due to the blissful feeling the music has to make you want to keep running back to it for time to come.

Check out Nuria Afonso featuring Figure Flows “Searching” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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