Amethyst – When Will I Know

Amethyst – When Will I Know

With as much music as we cover, there are just some songs that truly write about themselves. Those songs that take over our minds, and spirit as we let our honest thoughts fly about the music that has made us fall in love with what we do all over again. When we get a song like that its impossible to not cover and Amethyst brings one of those ultra special records with her new song “When Will I Know”.

Amethyst brings a soulful masterpiece that delivers in every way on her new song “When Will I Know”. The heartfelt writing resonates to the fullest, as the writing comes together in a divine way, being delivered by the warm tone in the vocals that makes you feel everything to a religious level. To score this writing you get a smooth ambient sound that builds perfectly that helps bring it all to life on this complete body of work that stands supreme.

Amethyst’s “When Will I Know” is a timeless body of work that gets better with every passing second, to make you love it more with every listen. The intimate experience that music can still have with the listener is what shines bright about this release, with you being able to feel the soul in the music that doesn’t disappoint for a single second.

Check out Amethyst “When Will I Know” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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