Clammy Hands – i feel alive woo yeh

Clammy Hands – i feel alive woo yeh

If there’s anything that gets you through, it’s music. Those records filled with good vibes and affirmations that keep you going, as they can bring sun to the most gloomy days. An amazing duo that music feels just as good as it sounds, is Clammy Hands with their new song “i feel alive woo yeh” being one of those records.

Clammy Hands brings music that shines to the fullest on their new record “i feel alive woo yeh”. The big time sound is captivating, and makes for an exciting display of music that, you get fully invested in for every second. The vocal performance does wonders to the spirit, as you feel the optimism in it that gets you through, and makes you feel the writing even more as it takes on the imperfections that we all have, but making it all good to keep going forward as best as we can.

Clammy Hands “i feel alive woo yeh” is a brilliant work of art filled with substance and appeal to make sure, that the world will hear it, as well as be a guide when people need it most. it’s another smash of a record by this artist, who makes a habit of bringing master class music with every release, with this fresh one being some of his best music to date.

Check out Clammy Hands “i feel alive woo yeh” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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