Joddy Catalan – Mejor Sola

Joddy Catalan – Mejor Sola

One of the best things about hearing music is hearing someone’s star power shine through song. Those records you can hit play on and know that you’re getting to bare witness to something special, as the artist just feels like the real deal for every second of audio they give us. With an artist like Joddy Catalan its impossible to not become an instant fan with her latest release “Mejor Sola” being a shining example of her work.

Joddy Catalan brings a major sound to the forefront to make us all fans with her new song “Mejor Sola”. The sound does a great job of genre bending with a nice blend of Trap and Reggaeton that flows together to make one major sound she takes full advantage of. Her confidence in her approach shines through with an infectious charisma that feels good to hear, while the empowering vocals stand true to resonates for listeners everywhere to feel and enjoy.

Joddy Catalan’s “Mejor Sola” is a majar release from a major artist who has a worldwide appeal that shines to the fullest. It’s the perfect storm of great music that is digestible for the masses to enjoy, while also being packed with great substance that pours into the listener, to make a perfect anthem for the times.

Check out Joddy Catalan “Mejor Sola” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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