Zay Lewis – Coretta

Zay Lewis – Coretta

To make it as a stand out artist, you have to be undeniable. That level of talent that’s special enough, to go beyond the subjectivity of music, with a sound and presence you can buy into right away. That’s what helps an artist stand apart, from the plethora of the numerous artists and releases out there, and Zay Lewis has that type of presence on his new song “Coretta”.

Zay Lewis brings must hear music and all the right vibes on the new song “Coretta”. Zay wastes little time getting in his bag to deliver something special for the listener that resonates instantly. The emceeing is second to none, with a fluid flow that makes him sound the part, and makes you feel the soul in the music. This all takes place over a super smooth laid back production that is a match made in heave with the lyrics, to help the vision come to life just right.

Zay Lewis “Coretta” is that incredible Hip Hop music, that is packed with an authenticity the culture is rooted in. He uses all of his talents to make a stand out record, that doesn’t waste a single second showing its high value to the world. If you love good music you can feel, you will love everything about this stand out release.

Check out Zay Lewis “Coretta” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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