Rhys – Butterflies

Rhys – Butterflies

Music always sticks with you when it’s something you can relate. Life bringing us all our own experiences we all go through, that it’s always refreshing to hear a song that knows how it is in the real world. Add that with a big time sound and you truly have something special that doesn’t come around too often. That’s what Rhys brings to life on her new song “Butterflies”.

Rhys delivers a genre bending smash full of appeal on the new song “Butterflies”. You are able to appreciate the appeal in the music right away, with a mainstream sound in the production that builds at every turn just right to help bring it to life. With the tone set you really get to feel Rhys vocals that are masterful in it’s tone to deliver the writing, that is ultra relatable to give us something that we will love listening to, but also something we can feel to make it realer than ever.

Rhys “Butterflies” is an amazing body work that you know the whole world will be hearing. It’s an incredible display of music, filled with the more people are looking for with a digestible sound, that anyone can hit play on and hear the beauty in. From the stellar writing, big time production, and major vocals it all comes together as one to make a stand out release.

Check out Rhys “Butterflies” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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