JEONA – Paloma

JEONA – Paloma

Music really connects when an artist puts their soul in to it. Those special records that go far beyond something that sounds good but something that you’re able to feel the care put into the music, as the substance in it shines through to make a real connection with the listener. Those type of records will always be enjoyable and something timeless because the feeling of it will always stand true and thats the case for JEONA’s new release “Paloma”.

JEONA delivers a Pop soul infused record that is masterful in its approach on the new song “Paloma”. The song is well crafted especially in the writing. In a time where lyrics can be simplistic he brings writing with great depth, being able to capture the waves of emotion that comes with a break up, while also hanging on the certain things from the relationship. The vocal performance makes things that much more real with a warm tone that is brilliant at conveying the right emotion in every word, to make sure yo feel it all over this great production.

JEONA’s “Paloma” is a must hear record from a must hear artist who does everything right to give the people something that they can come back to for time to come. The care in the music resonates to the fullest and makes you a fan of the artistry for every second he gives us, with it all coming together in its own special way to make something remarkable to be apart of.

Check out JEONA “Paloma” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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