Isla Rose – My Adeline

Isla Rose – My Adeline

When hearing new music its aways great to hear something fresh. Not only fresh is just hearing a new release, but music that stands out with a different approach that you haven’t heard before to make it stick with you. That experience of music always make for a great experience of music to be apart of and thats what you get from Isla Rose on the new song “My Adeline”.

Isla Rose brings a major sound that delivers for every second on the new song “My Adeline”. The music has a cinematic touch to it that is layered to perfection and progresses just right to make a world around the listener to explore the magic of the sound. For this fresh approach you get an amazing vocal performance from Isla Rose that shines through, with her own unique approach that makes you enjoy the writing that much more on this special tune.

Isla Rose’s “My Adeline” is a stand out release from this promising creative who is set to go far. It’s a master class of music that shows how amazing music can be when approached with great innovation, while also still packing appeal to help it travel far for the masses to enjoy.

Check out Isla Rose “My Adeline” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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