Tonal Graffiti – Hotel Pool

Tonal Graffiti – Hotel Pool

People come to music for many different reasons, with one of the most important being to feel good. That experience the music creates that you feel it in your spirit as bliss, and don’t want the music to end. That type of music is why so many people come to music, and people will be clamoring for the new song by Tonal Graffiti called “Hotel Pool”.

Tonal Graffiti will make you fall in love with music again on their new song “Hotel Pool”. The music has a bright feel to it, with his own special touch to it that does wonders to the spirit. The production sets the ultimate tone for the magic they create, with a great vocal tone that melts in the music, with amazing songwriting to make everything come together righteously to make it a sure hit full of appeal.

Tonal Graffiti’s “Hotel Pool” is a must hear jam that delivers in every way to give the people something to keep in rotation for time to come. It’s great music that not only sounds good but feels good on what will be an enjoyable experience for anyone who presses play, with the record clicking in every facet to make a stand out piece of art.

Check out Tonal Graffiti “Hotel Pool” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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