Jenny Palacios – Grateful

Jenny Palacios – Grateful

Music can be enjoyed for many different reasons. A art that has a wide range like no other, as different elements can stand out to be something enjoyable for everyone in their own way. As much as that is the case music that is rooted in pure emotion always has its own special way of standing out. Those records that slow down time for the listener to have an intimate connection with the music and artist alike. Jenny Palacios is able to capture that feeling with her new song “Grateful”.

Jenny Palacios brings a major emotive sound that you feel every second of on the new song “Grateful”. The song is veery well crafted with the care put into the music shining through majorly, but the substance in the writing is what makes it resonate most. Being able to capture the feeling of being around abundance but still feeling empty, with a fresh reminder of appreciating what we have. The vocals bring it to life with a vulnerability in the tone that tugs at the heart, and makes you take on the emotion of it to encompass the magic music will forever have.

Jenny Palacios “Grateful” is a brilliant Pop sound that does everything right to pour into the listener to make them leave feeling something real, and giving them something that they will want to keep coming back to for time to come. The artistry is master class in every facet of the record, and it all works in perfect harmony to make a record that is worth every listen for time to come.

Check out Jenny Palacios “Grateful” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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