Sonny Hendrixx – Burn It Down

Sonny Hendrixx – Burn It Down

Music is always engaging when you feel the artist’s presence. Those records that grab you as soon as you hit play with the artist letting their talent shine to the fullest, while making fans of us all for every second we vibe to the music. That type of stand out sound you can always expect from Sonny Hendrixx with his latest release “Burn It Down” being a shining example of his work.

Sonny Hendrixx is on fire and embodies the title in a major way on the new song “Burn It Down”. He has a charisma to him that is infectious and makes you a instant fan with him being unapologetic in his approach to make the dopest music possible. The verses are sharp enough to cut through the hard production with ease, with each bar standing out as quote worthy and serves up the major chorus well to make sure it stands out to the fullest for the world to buy into his artistry.

Sonny Hendrixx “Burn It Down” is another smash of a release from this incredible artist who won’t be denied. It understands the importance of having the listener’s time and makes a record that is engaging for every second to make sure, we keep coming back to hear this piece of art for time to come. Hit play now and enjoy this must hear release thats worth every listen and then some.

Check out Sonny Hendrixx “Burn It Down” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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