smokingsforcoolpeople x Zara Sykes – Excuse Me

smokingsforcoolpeople x Zara Sykes – Excuse Me

Music really has a way of sticking with you when it feels good to hear. Those super smooth records that make you vibe to the music in a real way, as you get to enjoy the magic of the sounds coming together to make one cohesive must hear body of work. That’s what you get from smokingsforcoolpeople and Zara Sykes on the new song “Excuse Me”.

The magic of collaboration shines on this new record from smokingsforcoolpeople and Zara Sykes on this new record packed with soul called “Excuse Me”. The production sets the ultimate tone with a fresh flip of Zapp and Rogers “Computer Love” that vibes just right to make us get invested early. The vocal approach is infectious, with a smoothness that rides the wave of the beat to perfection, making the track an easy groove to feel and jam to, as you get the care in the writing that brings it all to life for us all.

This record is shines with its own original flavor that is a rarity in today’s game. They have their own style that shines bright and separates them from the pack of other acts in a major way. If you want to a hear a master class of musicianship from the production, song writing, vocals, and rhyming, look no further than this track here that does it all to a supreme level to give us all something to keep coming to.

Check out smokingsforcoolpeople and Zara Sykes “Excuse Me” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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