Artist Spotlight: Skerrit Bwoy

Artist Spotlight: Skerrit Bwoy

Something that is refreshing to hear is innovation in music. Especially present day when you can feel like you have everything figured out about music. As much as that can be fact there is still room for upper echelon creativity to stand out and engage a listener in a real way, to create an experience worthy of replaying for time to come. That type of creativity that shines from Skerrit Bwoy and his new project “Jesus Party Vol 1”.

An 11 track project that has 40 minutes of a daring sound that pays major dividends for this creative. One of the most impressive things about this project is that it’s able to show the room for innovation in gospel music, while still being able to bring the good word to life for believers everywhere to have something to enjoy, as well as new listener being able to be exposed truth that they may not have otherwise. The music shines in stand out records like “Jesus Party” as well as a personal favorite “Fuego Dias”. Both packing an exciting sound that represents what this project has to offer perfectly.

If you’re looking for music that is fun to explore and music that is filled with must hear substance this a project as well as an artist worth all of your time. It marvels in ways most music doesn’t with an engaging display of music that you can listen to without limits, and enjoy the layers and care put into the music to give people something more than they’re used to.

Check out Skerrit Bwoy “Jesus Party Vol 1” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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