Artist Spotlight: Ricardo Rawal

Artist Spotlight: Ricardo Rawal

There’s more music and talent out there then its ever been. With so much technology and equipment out there, it makes the entry for music to be pretty low which means more people are able to start making music. With as much music that there is out there it gets harder to find music that feels good. Music that is beyond just having a sound but music that you can hit play and feel the blissful energy of it that makes life more enjoyable. If you’re feeling that void an artist like Ricardo Rawal is the perfect artist for you to get invested in.

Ricardo Rawal is hot off his new release “Fever”. A 5 track, 15 mins EP filled with rich melodies and smooth grooves that take over the mind and body in a real way. As soon as the project starts you get to hear the first record “Slow Whine” that is the perfect record to let you know what you can expect moving forward. Ricardo’s vocals glide so effortlessly and elegantly over each record that it could easily be considered easy listening music, with the only work it leaves the listener to do is fall back and enjoy the beauty of it all.

He not only marvels in the sound of the project but the substance in the writing shines through as well. Being able to records filled with love and relatable content that has made records before it timeless, and this EP it sure to keep the tradition going with his talent working to the fullest, to make sure it gives the listener every reason to keep coming back to hear the stand out talent who puts fresh life into Reggae music.

Check out Ricardo Rawal “Fever” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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