WaitingForPairing – SMUSH

WaitingForPairing – SMUSH

When people talk about music present day, you hear a lot about vibes and how lyricism isn’t important. As much as some songs can just rock with minimal work, it really leaves a void to hear impressive work. A song you can hit play and know this can’t come from the average. That type of song WaitingForPairing delivers on his new supreme record “SMUSH”.

WaitingForPairing steps up and delivers in every way on his new exciting song “SMUSH”. He instantly clears the streets out with his impressive lyrics, that he fires off at will with an exhilarating flow, that is commanding and strong enough to handle the pressure he brings to the mic for every second. The production knocks and helps play the perfect score, for his rhymes that pop out your speakers, in a jar way.

WaitingForPairing’s “SMUSH” is an amazing body of work that shows how much real artist with care in their music is and will forever be needed for the culture to thrive. He brings the house down with upper echelon skill, as he holds nothing back in his game to deliver something that is undeniable, and packed with replay value.

Check out WaitingForPairing “SMUSH” and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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