Dozzybeats – My Life

Dozzybeats – My Life

Music has always been something that connects with the people at a higher level. Those records you find inspiration and hope in, as the artist puts their all in the music in a way that resonates to create an experience like no other. With this release from Dozzybeats he gives the perfect tribute to his father on his new song “My Life”.

Dozzybeats turn his pain into art that touches the soul on his new song “My Life”. The writing is filled with deep substance, with him displaying his love and and admiration that makes it relatable, for us all to connect to our own lives. To balance the writng he brings a sound laced in grooves with a bright optimistic feel to the music that makes you want to get lost in the music, as well as keep going with Dozzybeat bringing magic in the vocals to make you feel the love in the music on a righteous level.

Dozzybeat’s “My Life” is record that will last the times because of the soul put into the music. He’s able to check so many marks musically with everything being done at a high level, but the connection he makes with the listener is what shines the most, with the feeling the music invokes being one that you will want to keep coming back to for time to come.

Check out Dozzybeats “My Life” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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