Ben Lazarus – Outrun The Truth

Ben Lazarus – Outrun The Truth

When hearing new music, we all expect to hear something fresh. Something different than the usual, as you hope to discover something that you’ve never heard, but everything you hoped to hear when hitting play. That’s one of the funnest parts of music, with getting a chance to hear something incredible that will stick with you. Ben Lazarus has that type of music with his new song “Outrun The Truth”.

The art of story telling song shines on the latest release from Ben Lazarus called “Outrun The Truth”. His ability to set a tone stands out right away, with a sound reminiscent of a Weezer polished record that gets you invested, while his vocal performance conveys the right emotion to give the somber feel of the main character life. The writing is about to tell a story of a person unable to take accountability in a creative way to make it engaging, with the three acts in the verses coming to fruition for us all to follow the story just right.

Ben Lazarus “Outrun The Truth” is truly a record that hits the mark in every category of music making, to show his unlimited potential. Each element comes together to make art like no other, with amazing production that sets the tone for the writing that is superb in its story telling, and the vocal performance that shines in its tone, to make it all complete for the world to enjoy.

Check out Ben Lazarus “Outrun The Truth” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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