Tate Logan – Kill Me To Try

Tate Logan – Kill Me To Try

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a good weekend and ready to bring the week in strong. Mondays can be a drag so we try to bring those records that can serve as the perfect pick me up. Those undeniable records that feel good to hear and put some light into the world. Thats what you get from Tate Logan on the new song “Kill Me To Try”.

Tate Logan brings the right feel good record just in time on the new anthem “Kill Me To Try”. The great thing about music , is that it always find you when you need it most and this record is the perfect testament to that. The music brings an amazing big time sound that feels good to hear, and lets the energetic vocals from Tate to deliver the lyrics to the fullest, to make sure he gets the listener to see the light in their darkest days.

Tate Logan’s “Kill Me To Try” is a powerful record that uses it’s voice to make the world a better place. In a time when music can feel like it lacks depth and substance, he gives you his all in the music to make sure the people leave with more than they came with, on this special piece of audio. It’s a record that is excellent in every way and sure to be a record that will last the times, because of the energy and message that makes it stand out.

Check out Tate Logan “Kill Me To Try” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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