Trvpbeez – K Bois

Trvpbeez – K Bois

The artist that are able to grow at the artists that are built to last. Those stand out acts who continue to get better with time. Its easy to stick with what works when it brings you success, but its even better when you hear an artist continue to take chances in the music, to evolve their sound. The evolution of Trvpbeez has been an impressive one with his latest release “K Bois” being one of his biggest hits yet.

Trvpbeez brings a major sound that is packed with vibes on his new song “K Bois”. The production brings a dreamy sound that slows down time for you take in the feel of the music, that Trvpbeez takes full advantage of to showcase his work. He’s always been impeccable in the flow and with this layers release he adds more melodies to the approach, with a sweet tone that pays off majorly for you to feel the flavor in the lyrics that pushes the song to its rightful destination of must hear music.

Trvpbeez “K Bois” is a record that shows the high appeal of his sound. Showing off great creativity while also being digestible for the masses to touch as many people as possible. For established fans its a refreshing release that continues to show us why we are invested in his artistry, and for new fans the perfect entry point to make you wan tot dive in his whole catalog.

Check out Trvpbeez “K Bois” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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