MONDAII – Don’t Play With My Name

MONDAII – Don’t Play With My Name

With a genre like Hip Hop its always fun to hear an artist be confident in their approach. That bravado to their approach that makes it stand out, as they deliver with so much conviction you cant help but buy into their star persona, that they let shine with no hesitation. That type of feel is what you get from MONDAII on his new song “Don’t Play With My Name”.

MONDAII brings supreme lyricism and confidence on his new song “Don’t Play With My Name”. The confidence in his style shines through instantly, with him having a presence to him that is commanding and keeps you engaging as soon as he speaks on the track. Over this hard production that has a nice soul feel he delivers some of his most impressive rhyming to date, showcasing he can do it all from making catchy hits, to putting on a lyrical onslaught that can keep any competition at bay.

MONDAII’s “Don’t Play With My Name” is an impressive body work that is relentless in its approach to deliver a work of art for everyone to rock to. The integrity in the music and care in the approach pay off majorly for this track to flourish, with everything being done just right to make it all work in its own divine magic, to make something that stands out to the fullest.

Check out MONDAII “Don’t Play With My Name” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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