Current – Like Me

Current – Like Me

A key to standing out now more than ever is presence. An artist having that commanding energy to them that helps them stand out from the plethora of new artists that release daily. Having presence to you makes you stand out in a real way, as you become an undeniable force to ignore. That energy shines the most about Current new song “Like Me”.

Current sounds like one of the next big stars music has to offer with his new song “Like Me”. The bass heavy sound in the production sets the tone, giving an exhilarating feel that has you on edge that allows the supreme lyricism to flourish majorly. His voice is commanding with a raw tone that is captivating and filled with conviction, as he lets his style run wild to deliver over this record that gets better with every moving second.

Current’s “Like Me” is that undeniable level of music that makes a fan out of anyone. He brings incredible bravado with no hesitation, with a style that you believe in because you can tell that he does it the fullest. He pulls no punches, and delivers to the fullest to make sure he’s a name that sticks with us for time to come.

Check out Current “Like Me” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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