Natalie Lauren – Swoonin’

Natalie Lauren – Swoonin’

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a great week and ready to bring in the weekend the best way possible. For the weekends its important for us to bring undeniable talent, with undeniable music that anyone who loves music can hit play on and enjoy the beauty of the sound. That level of music is what you get from every second from Natalie Lauren on the new song “Swoonin'”.

Natalie Lauren brings an infectious jam that you can vibe to without limits on the new song “Swoonin'”. The song does a brilliant job of genre bending R&B and Hip Hop in not only the production but the vocal performance as well. Being able to deliver the lyrics with soul, as well as with the same swagger of Hip Hop to make you buy into the artistry, as the writing about new love comes to life for us to feel it all.

Natalie Lauren’s “Swoonin'” is an ultimate smash that defies the sibjecitvty of music with a sound that feels just as good as it sounds for us all to be fans of. It shines musically in every way with everything being done to a supreme level, and carries major appeal to be a hit that people all love the world people will know.

Check out Natalie Lauren “Swoonin'” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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