Phi11a – Life in Reverse

Phi11a – Life in Reverse

It’s always refreshing to hear an artist go for it all. Especially in a genre like Hip Hop, where sometimes it can feel like everyone is being “too cool”, it always stands out when you hear the hunger from an artist. That burning desire to be great that can’t be contained, as they put on a show to get the people invested. That energy is what shines in a real on this new release from Phi11a called “Life in Reverse”.

Phi11a delivers an impressive thought provoking smash produced by TK Kayembe on the new song “Life in Reverse”. The Tap driven sound set the ultimate tone for you to feel the energy of the record, that he flexes over with a commanding presence that makes you buy into his supreme artistry. His passion to the flow makes you feel the realism in the writing that has made many artists legendary, and for sure making him an artist you must hear.

Phi11a’s “Life in Reverse” is a stand out performance from an artist who uses his full arsenal of talent to make one ultimate body of work. He delivers in the music to let you fan out at the extreme level of talent as we bare witness to for this sound that is ready for the world to hear, as he puts on for the culture in every way.

Check out Phi11a “Life in Reverse” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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