opt.cmd – Don’t Go (Yaz Cover)

opt.cmd – Don’t Go (Yaz Cover)

Whenever we get to hear a release from opt.cmd we know we are going to get a major sound. Known for bringing a synth sound that delivers in every way to make for a fresh exciting experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With this latest release of “Don’t Go” he’s come to give us more of what we love and more.

An out of this world experience that lets the listener dream is what you get from opt.cmd’s new release “Don’t Go”. In a tribute to one of their favorite artists, the music captures a retro synth sound that builds to perfection, as you are able to feel the fresh life in the music that lets the creativity in the sound and music run wild. For this sound you get an incredible vocal performance that understands the assignment to the fullest, with a fun energy to it that lets the words fly on this record that gets better with every second they give us.

The daring approach that opt.cmd’s brings to the music continues to shine through with every release, with this newest being some of the best. It’s able to pay homage to a favorite, while still having its own fresh life to make it stand out in a major way, to continue to give fans everywhere something to enjoy without limits.

Check out opt.cmd “Don’t Go” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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