Branden Woodz – Dollas

Branden Woodz – Dollas

Everyone is looking for music they can feel. Those incredible records you can hit play on and be overtaken by the vibes in the music that feel good to hear. When you get a song like that its easy to add it to your rotation, and this new record from Branden Woodz is a record with true replay value for us all to rock to.

Branden Woodz brings a R&B and Hip Hop sound that is laced in vibes for us all to enjoy on his new song “Dollas”. The sound catches you immediately with the music making you want to move, as you get lost in it all. Once you fall in love with the sound you catch the art of the vocals, that have a smoothness to it that slides through the production with ease, as it delivers the writing to the fullest to make you enjoy the soul in the approach that pays majorly, for this incredible talent.

Branden Woodz “Dollas” is a record that truly lives up to the name, with a sound that is truly right on the money. The song is sonically amazing as you hear the elements in the music come together to make one cohesive sound that flourishes, but also a record that feels good to hear to make it a record that will go far.

Check out Branden Woodz “Dollas” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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