Ships Have Sailed – More

Ships Have Sailed – More

Every genre is known for having their own special thing people come for and with a genre like Rock, you know you’re going to get a big time sound. Those athematic tunes that grab the listener as soon as you hit play, with a commanding energy to it that you cant shake, while you get lost in the music. Ships Have Sailed captures that magic with their new song “More”.

Ships Have Sailed crafts a record that truly lives up to the name with the new song “More”. More is what they give you for every second, with stand out sound that is above the music that you regularly consume. The heavy drums working in perfect harmony with the crunchy drums that capture an authentic sound that made all of fans of the genre. The vocals are strong enough to handle it all and helps it all connect on this record that does everything right for us to enjoy.

Ships Have Sailed’s “More” is a big time record from a big time group that brings a sound you can hear being played all around the world. Being not only a record that sounds good, but a record that is fun to hear as you feel the many intricacies of it all in a real way to ensure we will want to keep this song in rotation for time to come.

Check out Ships Have Sailed “More” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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