Caid Jones – For The Game

Caid Jones – For The Game

It’s always great to take in the perfect storm of music. That music that has a great message to give the people the more that they need, as well as making something that knocks and able to enjoy as well. That full picture of music is a tough task, because most feel like you have to compromise one to get the other, but this new record from Caid Jones gives you the best of both worlds on his new song “For The Game”.

Caid Jones lets his pen shine to the fullest on the new song “For The Game”. The production by sets the right tone with knocking 808’s and bass pushing things forward, for the work he presents to the world. When he delivers, you feel his presence to the with a confident swagger to his flow with a nice melodic touch, that’s infectious and makes you want to dive into the writing. The verses are filled with gems that shine, with sharp lyricism, and balances it with a catchy hook to make it digestible for the masses.

Caid Jones “For The Game” is a must hear Hip Hop record that bridges the gap for casuals and purists to enjoy one record. He has something for everyone to enjoy, with a dope sound that can’t be denied, as well as a record that knocks for us all to vibe to on this impressive display of art.

Check out Caid Jones “For The Game” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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