Sara Diamond – You’re It

Sara Diamond – You’re It

Music is something that will always have its trends. It’s things that are hot for the moment that people enjoy, but it is also something that has its timeless elements that will always work. No matter the climate there are certain things in music that just always go and a great love song is one of those things. Those records that capture the emotion perfectly as you feel the beauty in it all. Sara Diamond is able to capture that magic in a real way on the new song “You’re It”.

Sara Diamond shows off her supreme talent to make a record you feel for every second on the new song “You’re It”. The music has a smooth sultry sound that makes you slow down to vibe to the music, with each guitar strum feeling just as good as the next. With the music taking its time Sara lets her powerful vocals go to work, being brilliant in its tone to make you feel the writing that makes you feel the love and care put into this jam, that you hope never ends.

Sara Diamond’s “You’re It” is an instant classic of a record that will surely last the times because of the soul put into it. It’s not just a record that sounds good, and sounds good it definitely does with amazing musicianship at every turn, but the emotion you feel when you hear it will surely keep you coming back for more for this stand out artist.

Check out Sara Diamond “You’re It” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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