mh- Catharsis

mh- Catharsis

Music is something consumed by us so normally that its easy to forget the art that music is. Those sounds working together to evoke emotion from the listener, or able to paint a picture just as vividly as an artist with a brush to a canvas, while the vision comes into fruition for us all to be able to enjoy the magic of it. The art that is music truly shines on this new release from mh called “Catharsis”.

A progressive sound that takes the listener through a world of emotions is what you get from mh on the new song “Catharsis”. The instruments play off of each other perfectly, with the piano chords driving things forward, and being met with the exhilarating percussion, as well synths layered to perfection to bring on a major sound that develops perfectly to keep the listener engaged on this musical journey that is exciting for every second.

The creativity and innovation that makes music a fresh thing to stay invested in is what you get on “Catharsis”. It dares to let its wildest thoughts come to life, with the chances in the music making it that much more exciting to be apart of, as you become a fan of the high level artistry, that is on full bloom for us to keep exploring the sound filled with replay value.

Check out mh “Catharsis” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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