Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone was able to enjoy their Weeknd to the fullest and ready to bring in the week as best as possible. After the weekend it can be tough to find a groove so we try our best to bring the music, that can do its part to make sure things get set off right. A record we know for sure will get the job done is this new song BOY SODA called “BIG”.

BOY SODA brings a major sound full that does wonders to the soul on the new song “BIG”. This record is only that truly lives up to the name with everything about being just that BIG. The music catches you right away with a warm sound to the record that makes you feel the magic in it instantly, while BOY SODA brings soulful vocals to bring the writing for it to all connect in a divine way, to make it an experience like no other.

BOY SODA’s “BIG” is an incredible record that does everything to a supreme level to make you just be a fan of the music. As soon as you hit play you get to fall in love with music again, with a one of a kind feel good sound that can make the darkest days bright again, on this record that reminds us all to be present. If you love good music hit play now and get all you could want in music.

Check out BOY SODA “BIG” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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