$avannah Hannah – Act Up

$avannah Hannah – Act Up

One of the most exciting things to witness in music, is an artist who is in their zone. That feel to the music when you know they can’t lose, because they’re just in a special place that cant be denied. That type of superstar feel is shining bright from $avannah Hannah on her latest release “Act Up”.

$avannah Hannah brings an infectious sound and undeniable talent on the new song “Act Up”. The record is filled with enticing elements that grab you instantly, with engaging production that she maneuvers through with the ultimate presence The lyrics are overflowing with flavor, that she delivers with her impressive flow that makes her an impossible talent to ignore for a single second with artistry that has her destined for the stars.

$avannah Hannah’s “Act Up” is a big time record, from an artist that is upper echelon in her ability to make must hear music. It connects on every level from being music that can make people move, and enjoy the music, as well as supreme audio that puts the culture on notice for this major talent.

Check out $avannah Hannah “Act Up” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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