Artist Spotlight: LAVNDRR

Artist Spotlight: LAVNDRR

To stand out as an artist its important to have great talent, but to really last an artist has to have range. Being able to hit different spectrums of music in an exemplary fashion that lets you grow with them, as they dive deeper into their artistry to deliver something must hear. If you add that extra special element of having substance to the music, then you truly have something legendary and LAVNDRR is an artist who covers all of that and more on her new project “Vibrations”.

A seven song, 26 minute EP that creates a work of art that pours into the listener with every track. She marvels in the singing but the rapping as well, to make her a total package of an artist that is worth getting invested in. She shines in tracks like the opener “Clearer” where she lets her vocal ability shine and be felt with soul to the tone that resonates, while instantly showing her supreme lyricism in the follow up track “Reality” to let us know the talent that is packed in this project.

One of the most refreshing aspects of this project is its willingness to let us in to the person behind the music. As she takes us a journey of self you’re able to grow with the music as well, as you feel something more than just some sounds working together to be socially great, but a true experience that stops time for you to dive in, and leave more than you came with on this must hear body of work.

Check out LAVNDRR “Vibrations” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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