exociety – The Lodge

exociety – The Lodge

In an art such as music its pretty tough to make things that are beyond the subjectivity of it. Being something that everyone can hear the same thing, yet still have different opinions. To stand out one has to be truly undeniable in their pursuit and exociety is truly that and more with the new song “The Lodge”.

A commanding new single that’s worth every listen is what you get from exociety on the new song “The Lodge”. The production knocks to the fullest, and sets the ultimate tone with thumping 808’s that his lyrics bounce cover perfectly. Lyrically its upper echelon with an impressive pen, that show where high grade lyricism runs wild, with an exhilarating flow that pushes the song forward just right, as well as make it all hit that much more on this engaging work of art.

This fresh release from exociety is an exciting record that is high class entertainment in every way. The sound is impressive and doesn’t slack for a single second, as it brings you equally engaging visuals to make sure you can enjoy this full scope of artistry to the fullest.

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