A great sound is one you can feel. That touch to the music that takes over you, as you put everything to the side to slow down, and the explore the sound you’re hearing. That music is always something great because it gives you an experience of music, that you can get lost in to make it timeless. That type of sound is what you get from AFTERMIDNIGHT on his new song “HOTELL”.

AFTERMIDNIGHT crafts together a one of a kind audio masterpiece with his song “Last Call”. The sound has a dark, beautiful, conflicted and trap sound that is truly one of a kind. He really lets his songwriting skills shine on this incredible record, with a pen that progresses the story perfectly and delivered with a melodic approach, matched with a Rap cadence to complete the vision.

AFTERMIDNIGHT’s “HOTELL” is the perfect record to showcase his art, as well as his appeal. The vocal performance is amazing, the songwriting is brilliant and the production bring a dark alternative sound that truly makes this record beyond music, but just sheer art for the world to enjoy.

Check out AFTERMIDNIGHT “HOTELL” and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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