Poet22 – crazy 4 u

Poet22 – crazy 4 u

Music is more than just sounds but a language. A way of communicating some of our most personal thoughts, that we can’t always get out. It’s that deep articulation that makes the music resonate with us all, especially R&B music and Poet22 brings that with her new song “crazy 4 u”.

Poet 22 delivers a smooth vibe like no other on her new song “crazy 4 u”. It’s a record that embodies the tradition of great love songs, with smooth harmonies that you feel in your spirit, as you get lost in the music. With each melody comes a sweeter note delivered by her strong vocal performance that is matched made in heaven with the guitar driven production, to make a complete sound for us all to dive deep into.

Poet 22’s “crazy 4 u” is the perfect song for lovers everywhere to listen to. She has an authenticity to her approach, that is packed with soul to make the music felt, as we take in her high level artistry to the fullest. If you love good music you can feel, you will love every single second of this must hear jam.

Check out Poet 22 “crazy 4 u” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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