Just Super – My Name

Just Super – My Name

One of the many reasons people come to music is to hear something that feels good. Those record that go beyond being a work of art in the sound, but something that you feel the blissful energy in as you become a fan of it all. That type of music is what you get from Just Super on the new song “My Name”.

Just Super is back to give us more of what we love on his new creative release “My Name”. The song is enjoyable for many different reasons but the substance in the writing is what really catches you. Being able to articulate the relationship between himself and a dog, in a way that makes us all feel to make a memorable impression that will last. The bright tone in the music sets the ultimate for it all, with amazing grooves that you feel the breeze in, while the vocals sweep you away with its tone.

Just Super’s “My Name” is an incredible record that glows in a major to bring some light to the world. The music is able to marvel musically for purists of music to be able to enjoy, while still packing that digestibility to it that casuals will be to enjoy alike. Hit play now and catch this must hear sound of Just Super.

Check out Just Super “My Name” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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