Artist Spotlight: 0171

Artist Spotlight: 0171

Something can feel like a lost in music is creativity. In a time where things can feel quite redundant at times, it leaves us all craving to hear some creatives come along and take chances. Daring to let their creativity flow in the music to bring innovation back into music, to make us all fall in love with it again. If you’re looking for fun sounds to explore you’ll definitely want to check out 0171.

A production duo based in Hackey, London that puts their major talent together to make a stand out sound. With the announcement of their new EP “Welcome Back To My Channel” they release two must hear singles “The Basics Are Coming Back” and “Burnout”. The first record bringing an amazing electro sound that makes you want to dance as soon as you hear, being laced with infectious grooves and vocals that embodies the freshness that makes music exciting to take in.

For the second release “Burnout” you get the perfect blend of an engaging progressive sound, met with deep substance to make the perfect storm of good music. As the music builds you hear the care into it, with a sound that is layered to perfection to make you keep discovering new elements that make you love the sound even more, as you get to enjoy the intricacies that make it stellar.

Check out 0171 “The Basics Are Coming Back” and “Burnout” as well as follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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