Leon Ross- ROSS (Album Review)

Leon Ross- ROSS (Album Review)

With being an artist especially a Hip Hop artist present day, it takes more than just having good music to stand out. The people have to listen to the music and truly make a real connection with it for it to not only stand out but last. This can be approach different ways but one of the best ways is to bring undeniable talent with relatable substance. That content that makes the people feel like they can count on you to give them the real. Leon Ross is able to do this at a high level with his new project “ROSS”. A six track 16 minute project that gives you a little bit of everything to enjoy. Below is a review of the EP.

Strugglin Featuring 313Rell & RU: The project starts off with a somber tone in the music, with knocking drums and piano chords that capture the right emotion to make us slow down to catch the substance in the lyrics. The lyrics capture the sad truth that comes along with being successful, as you notice that you have more supporters when you’re down then up. Each artist brings the right amount of conviction to their approach to make sure it’s all felt righteously over this strong opener.

Me: To keep the project pushing the music picks up with a super smooth sound that Leon flows over effortlessly. Bringing a self love anthem that shines in the chorus, and stands out lyrically in the verses, as you hear the power in his presence that makes it engaging for every second.

Out Here: Leon always packs plenty of range being able to hit you with records that make you think, as well as making records that are fun to take in with this recording being a shining example of that fact. You instantly enjoy the excitement in the production that knocks to give it a great party feel, met with an infectious chorus that makes you feel the energy of it that much more, while he lyrically brings braggadocios content that is unapologetic in its approach.

Let Em Sleep Featuring OG Cuicide: Taking advantage of the high energy of the previous track, he keeps the same vibe to make the project sonically flow. His confidence in his approach shines through letting it be known he know his talent is supreme, and anyone who cant see it can stay in their place. To add more life OG Cuicide brings an exciting style that stands out to make it all must hear.

No Fear: A title that truly lives up to the name. Leon is fearless and dares to be great with his lyrics truly gong for gold, as you hear the hunger in his voice that is relentless in his approach to make sure his words are heard , just as much as they’re felt. For the strong performance you get a commanding sound that is strong enough to handle the weight of it, to make sure it connects on this stand out track.

Lustin: To finish the project you get some his deepest and transparent work to date. The growth in the artistry is one of the greatest assets of this record especially if you’ve been following his career. He’s able to bare hisself and his transgressions to the world in a relatable way, as he looks in and helps the listener do the same to give the perfect closer for the project.

Leon Ross “ROSS” is a stand out body of work that encompasses everything that makes you fall in love with an artist. He understands the power of putting truth in his music, and gives his all to it to make sure that it’s something that lasts the times. In every category of music it excels tremendously and puts the culture on notice for this rising talent.

Check out Leon Ross “ROSS” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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