Selfish Ways – Gotham City Vibes (Album Review)

Selfish Ways – Gotham City Vibes (Album Review)

Now more than ever genre bending is taking over music. Far past the days of having to hear one specific genre to get something. Now you can hear a lot of music and get everything you love form each genre into one incredible body of work like no other. A shining example of that is the duo Selfish Ways and their new EP “Gotham City Vibes”. A seven track 23 minute long project that covers it all to make a sonically stand out body of work that is must hear. Below is a review of the album.

Run: The project starts off on fire with an exciting exhilarating sound packed with 808’s that knock for every second. With a strong sound they bring incredible swaggy flows that are infectious and make you buy into the lyrics to keep you invested to see what this project holds

Out of My Mind Featuring Manny Wave: For the second track the music is still high energy but with a smoother touch to it that adds a nice R&B and Pop appeal to it, that makes it sound like hit that was meant to travel. The melodies are masterful in their tone to slide through the music just right, while the rapping brings that extra flex on this stand out record.

On Me Featuring Ali OZBRN: If the previous record was the party this is definitely the after party. Playing off its predecessor to bring something even smoother, that really showcases their range of talent that taps into their singing ability to make a ultra jam that makes you want to move and get lost in this sound that is layered to perfection.

Big Vibes Featuring DOPEGIRLZHANE: To keep the project moving they pick up the pace with a super dope record that will make a fan out of anyone who listens the flows are slick and through this beat with ease. This project is filled with great features with DOPEGIRLZHANE being one of the stand out, as she plays off this impressive duo to make a record with unlimited replay value as well as a personal favorite.

6 Doors Featuring Indi Blue: After the high energy of the last record, they slow it down to make a true love song. The production setting an emotive tone with hard drums matched with piano and guitar chords to make the writing truly resonate, as the vocals deliver the right vulnerability necessary to bring it all home.

Lit Life Featuring Maahez: One of the most shining elements of this EP is the range that it possesses. Genre bending at a supreme level, with this being one of the best examples of that with a Pop and EDM infused sound that could work in any club. The bright lights in the sound shine through while the appeal in the vocals doing their work to make it more digestible than ever.

Won’t Go: To finish the project they bring it all together to end it with fireworks. The record is big time and brings the perfect blend of Rock, Pop, and Hip Hop to make one major sound that is exciting to hear and packed with amazing writing, with a strong vocal performance that rises to the occasion to end this project with an exclamation mark that it deserves.

Selfish Ways “Gotham City Vibes” is a supreme body of work that truly has something for everyone to love, so much so it goes beyond critique with a true experience of music that makes you a fan for every second you listen. If you’re looking for great music they have seven records for you to dive into that is worth the listen every time.

Check out Selfish Ways “Gotham City Vibes” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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