Molly – Paean

Molly – Paean

To say Hip Hop is thriving is an understatement. Hip Hop Artists are more talented and successful as they’ve ever been, with this growing culture breaking every barrier possible. Not only is Hip Hop thriving, but the female emcees who speak for the culture, are some of the leading faces of this game with being far more than a trend but the standard. Molly is the perfect example of that with her new song “Paean”.

Molly brings a commanding sound to kick major flavor on the new song “Paean”. This record has that floss to it, that makes it shine like a must hear track and it catches you instantly. Molly letting her words fly with ease for your ears with slick lines and metaphors being used to rock the listeners over a dope production, that she bounces each line off the 808s to make it bounce perfectly to your ears.

Molly’s “Paean” is a stand out record that shows the power of real emceeing. She has a presence that cant be denied, with a conviction to the delivery that is strong enough to handle the high grade lyricism that doesn’t slack for a second to give music lovers everywhere something to rock to.

Check out Molly “Paean” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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