Kissie Lee – Always Something

Kissie Lee – Always Something

The power of R&B music is that its able to connect to our most vulnerable thoughts. A genre that has long been a major go to because of the relatable substance to the music, that makes us not only connect with the music but also the person behind the music as well. With an artist like Kissie Lee she has a wide range of talent, that always comes together to make a great music and with her latest effort “Always Something’ she shows off her brilliant pen to tackle toxic love.

Kissie Lee gives the people something real they can feel on the new song “Always Something”. The music shines in many ways, but one of its best attributes is the writing. Being able to capture the many emotions and intricacies that come with dealing with up and downs relationships can hold, in a real way while matching that with a warm vocal performance that conveys emotion at a high level to make sure we feel it all over this smooth production packed with vibes.

Kissie Lee’s “Always Something” is a record that is timeless in its approach to make sure it will last. No matter the climate this song will work because of the soul and care put into the music that shines through. You get to be a fan of the music with everything from the sound to the vocals being done just right, but also get to make an intimate connection with it that will make you keep this song in rotation for time to come.

Check out Kissie Lee “Always Something” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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