Chuuwee – In Honor of Tony Snow

Chuuwee – In Honor of Tony Snow

Music especially Hip Hop music is always exciting when an artist doesn’t waste time. When you are able to hit play and instantly get engaged, as they lay it all on the line for the world to bare witness to the greatness and become fans of the work of art thats on full bloom. With an artist like Chuuwee you can always expect that type of music and with his latest release “In Honor of Tony Snow” he shows you why he’s a major talent worth buying into.

Chuuwee drops some of his best must to date with his new release “In Honor of Tony Snow”. The music starts with a Pimp C sample that gives great indication of how trill he’s about to keep it, and when he comes in he holds nothing back with commanding power to the flow that makes his lines pop out the speakers, while he fires off with the ultimate conviction over each 808 and horn riff, to get us deeply invested in the artistry that doesn’t miss.

Chuuwee’s “In Honor of Tony Snow” is the perfect Hip Hop record that gives us everything and more. It has a digestibility in the sound that makes it engaging for anyone who listens, while still holding strong with sharp lyricism that purists can be able to enjoy the genius is, as he puts it all together to build heavy anticipation for his upcoming project.

Check out Chuuwee “In Honor of Tony Snow” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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