Miynt – Of the sun

Miynt – Of the sun

Music can do so many things. It can really evoke emotion, deliver a powerful message, or take you on a journey to a place you never knew you wanted to be. If you’re going to do music, I would suggest making music on the level to do one of those three things, because if you can it is truly something special. Miynt takes you on a trippy journey on her new song “Of the sun”.

Audio bliss is what you get from Miynt on her new song “Of the sun”. As soon as the music starts it straps you in and makes you take flight, to their world full of good vibes and good music. The music has a psychedelic feel that works magic, with the hypnotizing vocals that melt you in your seat and leaves you stuck, in such awe and amazement that we forget music can have sometimes on this must hear tune.

Miynt’s “Of the sun” is a timeless record that gets better with each listen. It’s truly the most special kind of music, that makes people feel good when they need it most. Everything about this record is exciting and exceptional with a one of a kind sound that you need in your life now.

Check out Miynt “Of the sun” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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