Jean-Luc – Somebody

Jean-Luc – Somebody

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone has a great week and ready to have an even better weekend. The start of the weekend is always an exciting time here, because we get to showcase the best of the best that comes our way to bring the world something just hear. With so much music out there its always important to us to bring records on this day that stand supreme above the rest, and Jean-Luc’s new release “Somebody” is truly one of those records.

Jean-Luc brings an emotive love song for the dreamers on the new song “Somebody”. Music always makes a special connection when its real and the vulnerable approach to the music pays major dividends for this special creative. The Punk inspired sound brings the raw energy to life, and matched perfectly with a vocal performance that conveys emotion just right, while he takes us on a journey through the writing of an addictive love, that got pushed away in his pursuit for greatness.

Everything that makes music such a timeless thing is what “Somebody” is rooted in as well as the visuals. The story telling is brilliant and daring in its articulation to makes us all get invested to follow, and the sound, as well as the vocals are filled with conviction to bring it all home for Jean-Luc in his finest hour.

Check out Jean-Luc “Somebody” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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