Devin Kennedy – Follow Through

Devin Kennedy – Follow Through

With pursuing your dreams comes a lot of sacrifice. As much as people get lost in the success and admiration that comes with truly going after what you want, there also comes a lot of pain and sacrifice that can leave one feeling isolated and alone on their journey for greater things. All of the emotions that come with that is what is captured brilliantly by Devin Kennedy on the new song “Follow Through”.

Devin Kennedy gives his story for us all to feel and relate to on the new song “Follow Through”. The chill Pop sound in the production slows time down for you to take it all in, while Devin’s vocals convey the right amount of emotion at every turn. While taking in the emotion of it all you get truly go on the journey that the writing takes you on the give you a complete experience of music like no other.

Devin Kennedy’s “Follow Through” is the music where appeal and soul meet with the perfect storm of great music. Everything about this song is master class, with each element shining to the fullest. The writing is well crafted and shows the power of great writing, the production sets the ultimate tone, and vocally it’s perfect to bring this vision to life.

Check out Devin Kennedy “Follow Through” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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