Abby Diamond – Honey Drip

Abby Diamond – Honey Drip

People come to music for many different things. Music being so subjective the variety of it all can lead to different things, but something everyone comes to music for at some point is to feel good. To be able to hear one of their favorite tunes and have their spirits lifted, as the sweet vibrations of the record does wonders to the soul. That type of sound is what you get from Abby Diamond on the new song “Honey Drip”.

Abby Diamond brings a song that is as sweet as the title on the new song “Honey Drip”. The smooth soulful feel to the production delivers the ultimate tone for ,magic that commences, as each groove works with the other to make the melodies comet to life. As the music soothes you Abby’s vocals take you away, with her delivering the lyrics perfectly that encompasses everything that makes love songs so timeless to explore.

Abby Diamond’s “Honey Drip” is a record that you can play any time and feel much better about life. The bright feel to the music makes you fall in love with music all over again, with a freshness to it that simply just feels too good to pass on. If you love good music that gives you that more you need to get by, this record will truly fulfill you in every way.

Check out Abby Diamond “Honey Drip” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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