ReneaNicole – Overtime

ReneaNicole – Overtime

A song can stick with you for some time when it sounds good, but it’s truly something timeless when the music feels good. That music that as soon as you hit play on you feel like you can finally breathe, as the vibes to the music does wonders to the spirit like no other. It’s that escape that music provides that is some of its best magic and ReneaNicole brings you that type of music on her new song “Overtime”.

ReneaNicole captures the essence of R&B music to make something must hear on the new song “Overtime”. The feel of the music catches you instantly with a smooth sound, that has a nice throwback touch to it, with a fresh approach that sets the ultimate tone for us all to enjoy. As the sound does its work ReneaNicole’s warm vocals are brilliant in its tone to make you feel the emotion of the music, as the lyrics comes to life in real time.

ReneaNicole’s “Overtime” is that supreme music that always reminds us of why we will forever be fans of music. It marvels musically in every way as each aspect of the record shines, but the feeling of the music captures the magic of what a great love song can do, as we get swept up in the magic of it all.

Check out ReneaNicole “Overtime” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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