Jodie Paige – Out of my Head

Jodie Paige – Out of my Head

Now more than ever artists are competing with so much to stick with the listener. So many songs releasing daily it really makes it tough for an artist to stand out. The approach of separating yourself can be tackled in different ways, but one of the best is to be real. That authenticity in the music that makes the listener feel like they’re getting to know the person behind the music, as they relate to the substance in it all. That realism is what shines the most in Jodie Paige’s new song “Out of my Head”.

Jodie Paige brings heavy writing with a groovy sound to make a masterpiece on the new song “Out of my Head”. She brings a fresh approach that makes you listen and take in the music, as you get swept up in the appeal of the sound. She shines vocally with a warm tone that was meant to travel the world, over this production that is a match made in heaven with her singing, to make it a record you can’t get enough of.

Jodie Paige’s “Out of my Head” is a super record that is master class musically while packing a digestible sound anyone who listens can enjoy. Her presence is undeniable and carries this song to its rightful destination, with a sound full of soul that shines brighter with every listen. If you’re looking for a true experience of music you can connect with, this one will surely get the job done in a major way.

Check out Jodie Paige “Out of my Head” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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